Monday, 18 March 2013

'Atom Bomb' - Book Thieves Single Release Video

I love bands who put out videos like this.

They've not sat there at home and waited until the big record label in the sky comes calling, they've actually put the effort in to not only record their tracks and get them out but spent time, lots of time doing a video.

Getting your mates down to a video shoot is one thing, orchestrating them into something reasonable is a difficult task.  Few bands and their friends record labels are capable of doing this, but the Book Thieves and Rebel Soul do this brilliantly.

Liverpool, in my opinion is the home of great music, the circuit is alive and well, the bands work hard, play hard, they are not afraid to go the whole hog and make their time playing music in a band their "BEST SHOT".

The Book Thieves are a band I've seen a few times, and whilst a lot of bands seem to hit a level they never move on from, these guys just keep getting better. They are rock of the harder variety, they have a lot of energy and don't let up.

The band are no doubt inspired by the lighter grunge style of Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, the Cornell bands and the Seattle music scene in general and they provide a great backdrop to the video.

Atom Bomb, is a  massive song, lots of power as you would expect from this band,  it easy to let a song like this get sloppy, but it's not, It's as tight as you like it, bang on the button.

The video is a walkabout affair, starting in a local street ending in a pub, the idea is good, as I said earlier getting mates to act out your videos is hard enough, getting them to do it well is almost impossible, but this is pretty close to perfect.   With the extras acting out lyrics as the camera walks by them in the street, and in the shops, it's a good idea on paper and in practice hits the mark with this reviewer.

Will Maitland - Vocals/ Guitar
Dave Sutton - Bass
Gaz Shaw - Guitar
Dan Marsh - Drums

Get onto this band, I love them,

Filmed and produced by Andrew AB. Released in association with Rebel Soul.

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