Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Hummingbirds

I love this photo of this band, they've been mentioned to me a few times on the timelines of the rich and famous social networking sites.

Without listening to the music, you can get a feeling of great music, harmonies and a knock 'em dead cheekiness that only comes around when the moon and certain star systems are aligned in a certain fashion.

So the music, which, and I say this to so many bands, is available to listen to IN FULL on their website, and the track i've picked out is "Emma".  The first thing you hear is Mumford and Sons, and to be honest I hate it when music journo's add in a known name band to relate to before actually reviewing the band in question.  The intro, hits you with (oh here we go again with another mumford and sons cover band) but then you are off on a diffierent and great individual track.

After great verse the bridge into the chorus gives it a lovely little kick into nice harmonies, the whole sound is very well recorded and I love it. It's quirky, It's upbeat, it makes me want to go and see this band live, it would be a blast, I KNOW IT WOULD.

I fully expect the bass player in the picture above to spin the bass as often as possible, it has to happen.  

This song would sit nice on main stream radio if the stations cared to stick their bonce over the huge signed acts being rammed down their throats by the corporate men of the big record companies.  I guarantee if this band stick at it they will keep on moving up the music tree.

Some other interesting tracks off their website, Back in Liverpool is a good sing along song for homecoming gigs, and The Ballad of Jon Doe stick out for me.  Some of the other songs hark too closely to the 50s/60s for me, and I think they should stick to modern style and feeling rather than hitting the old times like Bankrupt Blues.

I think they are worth their plaudits so far.

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