Friday, 2 September 2011

The Long Lost Band

The Long Lost Band : The Big Light Secret

I first spotted these guys when I was putting a festival together in early 2011, they came across as confident, in a folk style but without the traditional trappings.

I was searching for music that people in their masses don't normally get to hear, no dance, no 80s means that most radio stations in the UK won't play the music I was putting on.

That's a shame, because there is masses of music out there that people are missing en masse.  The musicianship around today is outstanding, the internet is in part responsible, people not only get to tutor themselves on the net, they can share their music there too, and that means in order to get anywhere you really have to be top drawer.

This album arrived in my inbox with the usual vigour from Stuart Anthony the Vocalist and Guitarist of the band, he is nothing but up front about his wantings!

Despite me being mad busy with my own music and writing, I really did want to review this album, but just never got the time, until now that is!

This album is a bit of a mix bag really, the start and the end are top class the rest a bit wishy washy from my point of view, the best thing about this band is that there are a couple of tracks here that really should be dancing into our ears from radio, TV  and online radio stations.

Survival and Play the Part in particular are quality items and songs I'll be listening to on my rotation regularly.

A great opening track, it has all the big band sound you expect from an acoustic rock outfit with the acoustic right up front, so many bands producers drop the acoustic right back as a rhythm instrument, but honestly, it is a front line instrument and MUST be used like that.  The song feels like its inspired by St Peppers Lonely Hearts Club songs but with a great modern twist and a pink floyd insert to boot.

A little quicker in pace and a different feeling genre this is more country in feel than the other tracks, it still keeps up the quality of the first track,   I love the low voice pitch used, so many people stay safe, but Stuart really likes to push the boat out and drop the pitch down to his low ranges!

A great spanish feel to the middle section picks the song up further  and creates a mystical sound, you are dragged away to a sunny place, a bar in the med, a place in the warm glow of the Med.

For My Sins
This is virging on anthemic rock, the electric guitar is a little to high in the mix for me, and the acoustic too far back, but the song is nice little number, travelling along well and building to a crescendo at the end of the chorus.


The Big Light Secret
Back in style with a master class of acoustic music,  with a rock edge, this song doesn't quite have the chorus of Survival or Refuge but lifts the album to a much heavier style, I'm thinking the drums could sound a lot bigger here and give this song a really massive feel.

The Hawk
Instrumentals, are great additions to album, I think sometimes bands play it too safe and need to open up, an intrumental often allows this to happen in a way that other songs can't.  They let you get to know the people in the band, and sometimes let you hum your own melody lines, a way of being in the band yourself!

This is a nice track and contains some great interludes to mull over, some smart atmospherics in the background by the electric guitars make this a quality track to relax to. 

A Tale Of Two Masters
I'm not sure about this track, it's good work, and a nice feeling but it doesn't really go anywhere for me.

There Is No Sun
 I think this is archetypal Long Lost Band, it's what they do best, they pick you up and take you somewhere else, the lyrics and the feeling of the song, absolutely fit with you and a sweeping feeling washes over you.  It take a hard day and offer's it to the devil, "take all my worries away cos I don't need them whilst i'm listening to this song" : A better mix all round on this track.

Play The Part
Again this is what the Long Lost Band do well, I think the songs on the album that are in this style stick out big time, they are all high quality, and right up my street, north america beckons for them, as this is a cracker, It feels a bit of Blind Melon & America all rolled into one, this could sit happily on any US rock station play list and I really could see myself driving down Route 66 with this on the radio. 

Stuart Anthony - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Appleton - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Oscar Armer - Bass
Greg Maddox - Drums/Percussion
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