Friday, 12 August 2011

Organising Festivals,

I really enjoy organising music festivals, i've done a few now, and this one is a fairly big one.  2 Stages and 20 bands over 2 days, takes some organising, myself and Tony have been working on this for a few months now, Southport Music Festival (Buskathon) in aid of Cancer Research UK

Leaving Tony to sort out the council & Police etc, (good luck with that ) I focus on getting the bands in for the day and the logistics of PA, backline, etc.  We also had to build a full 20ft stage, get hold of gazebos to cover gear and arrange access and car parking for the bands and contractors on site.

This is not so bad normally but for the fact the stages are smack in the middle of the town centre and access is a nightmare at the best of times.

This time instead of contacting bands directly, I opened it up on Facebook to any band wishing to get in touch. The response was excellent, especially off Liverpool Bands Facebook page and we were well over subscribed to start with, but, as with anything once the dates some bands dropped out, not many though I have to say.

It's always a bit of a mix bag of music when you do it this way, if I had just phoned bands up off my normal contact list, I would have :

a ) Got bands that suit my taste only really
b ) Probably picked the same bands as performed last time.

So this time I got email after email, bands i'd heard of but never seen and i've seen most in the North West, solo artists i'd never heard of, new bands that i've yet to see and even a band coming over from Manchester (Daystar) to support a GREAT CAUSE!

What struck me mostly was the sheer quality on offer, I didn't really pick the acts, they picked "themselves" and it looks like a very eclectic line up.

The first big hiccup was in May, the festival was all booked in only for it to be pulled by the council due to problems with the areas we are using, from a different festival the weekend before.  This now meant that all things booked, like PA and Bands needed to be re-arranged.  From my point of view that meant starting over again with the bands negotiating which day they can do, and also contracts with PA companies needed re-sorting.

The bands have been GREAT, they're all well up for this, and who wouldn't be, Southport is full of people on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and this concert is smack bang in the middle of town, you can't walk along lord street without seeing or hearing the bands this weekend.

Hopefully thousands will enjoy the day of music and more importantly lets hope thousands of pounds is raised for a GREAT CHARITY.

For a list of the bands giving their time for this event :


Saturday 13th August web

12:30 Evil Piccolo​ges/Evil-Piccolo/209505645​747171?sk=app_2405167945
13:30 Audio Asylum​ioasylumuk
14:30 Kahuna
15:30 Red Threads​threadsmusic
16:30 Day Star


12:00 Rob Gough​goughofficial
13:00 Just by Chance​m/
14:00 Ratty Little Fingers http://www.therattylittlef​
15:00 The53s​the53s
16:00 Kevin Critchley Outfit

Sunday 14th August
12:30 The High Vibes
13:30 The Trestles​trestles
14:30 THE VARANGIANS​angians
15:30 Dan Elson​elson
16:30 The Trinity Test​nitytest5

12:00 Miles and Rob
13:00 Side Show​ges/Side-Show/124151067635​360
14:00 Fag Ash Lil
15:00 Jackpot Golden Trio http://www.jackpotgoldenbo​
16:00 Slick Cupid​ickcupid