Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Wonderstuff - 02 Academy Liverpool 04 Mar 2011 (Quick Review)

"Do you wanna hear a song about a cow!", this is not the kind of line i've ever heard at a gig before, not even a 'folk' gig, but thats what I was hearing at the Academy.

The Wonderstuff are back and it feels just like they never left, well they didn't really, they reformed in 2000, after a few years away and have been coming and going ever since.

When I entered the venue after queing up for 20 mins, a tall, leggy violinist was centre stage, and it was difficult to focus on anything else.  Erica Nockalls is the violinist for the Wonder Stuff these days, she towers over the other boys, is classically trained and makes a big impact.

Having worked out the gig was well underway at 8:30pm I thought well, it's fashionable to be late anyway and carried on watching, the academy was sold out weeks ago for the this gig, The Wonderstuff supporting The Levellers is a top draw so it's not surprising there is a crowd congestion getting in.

So onto the music, I often think, when I see acoustic guitarists fronting bands that they get a raw deal, the sound for Miles was pretty poor out front, and I thought their overall sound lacked a bit of body, in saying that, they have the tunes to back up their set.

Size of a cow was always a personal favourite of mine, and they polished it off well, I'm glad they didn't do "Dizzy" well from what I saw they didn't, they still have the ability to get the crowd going, there is no let up in exhuberance from them, but instead of beer, these days they are supping from wine bottles.

Throughtout the set the big screens either side where showing gorrillaz videos, nice touch Academy, off putting to say the least.

The gig was over by 9pm, There is no doubt this is a great band who should keep performing as they offer a lot still, and lets hope that continues for a long time to come & I think Miles has done a good job of keeping them rolling.

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