Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stuart Newman - Feel the Temperature Rising - Song Review

I love this song.

Stuart Newman has a style whereby you actually feel the effort he's putting in, the effort he puts into his voice, the effort he puts into his guitar work, his style is something that is definitely, definitely different.

Then, there is the effort in orchestrating a song like 'Feel the Temperature Rising', to anyone who isn't a musician, I can tell you right now, you don't just magic songs like this out of hats, they don't just all suddenly appear as if you've just ordered them off Amazon.  They take time, the song takes time to write, and then lyrics take time, then you add mid sections, pre-chorus, end sections and then you finally record it, and that takes heaps more time, adding drums, backing vocals, other instruments. And then, when you've really just about had enough, you do a video and that takes endless amounts of time.

After the days of your life you lose doing all this you finally have a 5min song that people can listen to and watch.

So it's Saturday night, and I'm a bit tired, I've been recording all day and decided to slot in a quick review, because this song is excellent, the sound of the guitars is very well put together, the stereo tracking is really sweet to my ears, the haunting vocals sliding around over the top make a really well executed feel.

I love the way the song builds and changes towards the end, the power of the vocal lines inter-twined make a really professional aspect to the work on show here.

Feel the Temperature Rising is a song you can listen to over and over again and not get bored with at all, Stuart clearly puts a lot of work into his music, his videos, his website, the whole setup eeks of hard bloody work and toil and the results are excellent.

Keep up the good work Stuart  I think its all coming together well.

To quote a person on the video wall for this song : "Good to hear someone who doesn't sound like everyone else." I can't beat that, it makes a lot of sense to me.

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