Monday, 21 March 2011

Stuart Anthony's Long Lost Band - Play the Part

Whack, i've woken up in 1970.

Which is strange cos I actually did awaken in 1970, this tune, could have been on the radio when I was born, WAIT don't stop reading, this ain't no throwback band, this isn't a song lost in time, this is a tune that's modern, "Fleet Foxes" stylee, if "The Shins" can do it so can Stuart Anthony's Long Lost Band.

This song goes forth with wild psychedelic structures, it drags you in and plonks you down right in your middle of your favourite dream. I can fully imagine feeling a million miles from anywhere with this song blasting from the stage at a live show.

This song is 7 minutes and 41 seconds long, but it's 461 seconds of joy.  The genre is acoustic, but the vibe is electric, the bass drives it along like a summers day, i'm visualising fields of daisies and vw camper vans with the words spinning around in my chilled out head.

You get all the Neil Young, Tim Buckley influences, I don't know where all these amazing bands are popping up from, but this one is top of my list.

It leaves me buzzing, leaves me wanting more, I can't wait for this album to get released if this is anything to go by, i'm hooked already.

You can catch Stuart Anthony's Long Lost Band  @

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