Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mount Fabric - Secretly an Astronaut

Anthemic, is the main word that comes to mind when you listen to Mount Fabric, The big sound and the high pitched vocal are of a very high standard.  Both musicianship and singing ability is excellent, they remind me of a mix between "God is an Astronaut" and "Muse" with a bit of "Radiohead" & "Smashing Pumkins" thrown in.
Coping with Relief

This song does feel like i'm on a bit of a journey with them, starting gracefully, building up to a cresecendo, but not overpowing , most bands would have cranked up the distortion in the big bits, but this band know restraint, they know how to drive the music without relying on heavy effects pedals, even when they are on the very edge the song still has a real vibrant feel to it.

Big Plans
The best track on the release in my view, this is a cracking song all the way, and I could hear this played on many radio stations across the world without issue, fabulous vocals throughout the chorus, the long vocals lines are right up my street.  They have no issue with adding in differing pre and main chorus sections, and most importantly it all knits together brilliantly.

This song on it's own really makes my ears pick up and listen, and I can listen to it over and over again, the effects included are done sweetly, not overpowering at all, it's a great piece of work thats for sure.

Epiphany doesn't disappoint at all. despite my love for the previous song, this is a nice little come down, well executed and still upbeat keeping up the pleasure of the other 2 tracks.

Altogether a band to look out for over the coming months you can find them on

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