Saturday, 19 March 2011

Danny Mahon - Odd Socks - Video review.

Its a fact, that Danny Mahon is a northern poet of exceptional talent, he's been on my radar for some time now, as Danny is quite well known around the North West of England. His lyrics are right up there in the tops of Manchester folklore

He is sometimes classed as a folk artist, a protest singer, a northern Billy Bragg, but he could easily stand on a stage of death metal and fit in, his songs are THAT evocative and people react to his lyrics.  His style is almost punk like, but generally there is just him and his acoustic guitar, and that speaks volumes about the talent of this man.

Manchester is a city full of life and full of things to sing about, Danny's ability to knit this into music creates a modern Madchester scene all of its own, if you go to a Danny Mahon gig, it's not a sit down jobby, it's an all encompassing involvement for the whole time he is on stage, he interacts with the audience, and the audience sing along, its almost like EVERYONE knows his songs and everyone relates to them.


The only man in the world I know of that can do a song in a school that has the words "twat" & "shit" in it.
"Odd Socks" to me, is an anti-bullting song, but it's also, and I'm sure Danny would hate me for this, it's almost a love song.

It's cute, but at the same time portrays very important messages.  When you listen to the song, it could be set in any age frame and not necassarily in youth. I guess that's by the by really, the song is fast paced like young life I suppose, and the visual side is married to the words well.   Tied up with visualising the lyrics without being over the top and televising every single line.

The acting is perfect for the song, the youngsters in the video play their parts really well, very relaxed, and the rainy Salford day adds to the fact that life isn't always full of roses. Everyone can relate to this video, everyone gets pulled in by the video, it's even a bit of a tear jerker, good versus evil, the rebels versus the empire, Labour versus Conservative, it's all in there.

The song itself is a little cracker taken from his upcoming debut album, this is typical Danny Mahon, the territory is absolutely his, this song should catapult him forward into mainstream, and he deserves it absolutely.

ODD SOCKS IS THE SECRET RECIPE is to be released on the Plainsounds label, the single will be available to buy on April 16th (UK Record Store Day).

The video was created by Manchester based Tunafish Media, and marks the directorial debut of James McDonald.


A Danny Mahon gig is one of the best nights out you can have, I strongly suggest you follow my advice and go see him play, you can catch him on myspace at

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